Freud Lloyd Wright

by Milk Carton Superstars

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Freud Lloyd Wright is the fifth studio album by Milk Carton Superstars. It suggests a narrative vaguely tracing the life of the man and/or band bearing the name.

The album was recorded with a Zoom R16 using eight tracks. Sessions took place intermittently between June 2016 and November 2019 at 3A Atlantic Avenue in Daytona Beach, Lake Shore in Mount Dora, Behind the Curtain in Windermere and Mayfair Circle in Orlando.

Guy Larmay - acoustic and electric guitars, basses, keyboards, electric sitar, drum machines, sound effects, drums on 6.

Jim Myers - vocals, drums, sound effects.


released May 22, 2020

All songs written, performed, engineered and mixed by Milk Carton Superstars - 2020 Larmay Myers Music, ASCAP.

Guest appearance by Jennie Landau - violin on 6, 7.

Sound effects courtesy of Lou Larmay Sound Effects.

Artwork by Bethany Taylor-Myers

See the video for Remember a Time here:


all rights reserved



Milk Carton Superstars Orlando, Florida

Milk Carton Superstars are the songwriting team of Guy Larmay (guitar, bass) and Jim Myers (vocals, drums) doing a fair approximation of a rock & roll band. People generally like them. They’ve written and recorded 72 songs since 2009, their fifth studio album “Freud Lloyd Wright” out May 22, 2020. Milk Carton Superstars are often joined on stage by bassist Jeff Boyce and violinist Jennie Landau. ... more

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Track Name: Remember a Time
There's a time I remember
Playing drums with bowling pins,
FM DJ playing "Car Wash"
One of five songs that he spins,
Shooting slanted-table 8-ball
Learning how the loser wins,
It's paying dividends.

In the backyard ditching homework
'Til it gets to dark to see,
Throwing moon balls at the pitchback
Imitating Spaceman Lee,
He's who I'm supposed to be.

Dull the pain to keep the job
On which everything depends,
Consultations with the doctors
After they remove the lens,
It's paying dividends.

Step into the path
Where best intentions take it on the chin,
I forget what I remember
This is when it all begins.
Track Name: Together Alone
These words are useless, so here we go,
Birth of another so-and-so.
The endless journey, vesselless,
Interrupted by consciousness.
Genetic imprint, there's your God,
Combines the numbers, even and odd.
Receive the gift wrapped in ill fate,
With gratitude, reciprocate.
Track Name: Where the Truth Lies
Hey doctor, here's one,
The boy just woke up
And here's the best..
Partly cloudy
I guess you'd call him,
Take a look at his...
Chart the progress,
The kid's got talent
We've said from the...
Starting tomorrow
We make a plan,
Starting tomorrow
We form a band,
All we need are all the songs.

Oh that's a good one,
Yeah keep 'em coming,
Let's here all that you...
Got a problem
We need your help with,
It sounds bad but it's...
Not your average
Kind of arrangement,
Let's not lose the...
Plotting tomorrow
We make a plan,
Plotting tomorrow
We form a band,
All we need are all the songs.

First we must establish trust,
And if this is where the truth lies,
Then lie we must.

You've heard the saying
"In it to win it",
Well I guess that we...
Are you sure you've
Got it in you?
You're kinda looking off...
Far as we hear
We're being pegged as
The next overnight...
Starting tomorrow
We make a plan
Starting tomorrow
We form a band,
All we need are all the songs.

First we must establish trust,
And if this is where the truth lies,
Then lie we must.
Track Name: Sonic Tonic
Have a taste
Just a sip
It's got a kick
Take it in
Let the sound
swish around
Find the bridge
Now the words
Will emerge

I had a talk with my reported family
They seem concerned but are friendly enough
I guess they've seen some striking changes in me
I don't have time for any of that stuff

Here's a hit
Maybe two
Pull 'em through
The phonic maze
Gone for days
Something loose
Of some use
In this juice
Find a trail
Now the hook
Start to cook

I formed a band or maybe one was formed for me
The like the songs and are eager to play
I guess they hear a couple albums in me
Wait 'til I play them what I wrote yesterday

All the ten dollar words get used
All the loose harmonies are fused
All the outlaw chords stand accused

Hang around
Knock it back
Fill the track
Pour it out
Let the plate
Seal it up
Nice and tight
Freud Lloyd Wright
Track Name: You Talk in My Sleep
This is magic,
This is hard work,
This is all luck,
This is whatever you make it.

Here comes power,
Here comes trouble,
Here comes losing,
Here comes what you had coming,
And you try to deflect
But the blows will connect.

Enter backwards,
Enter genius,
Enter doubting,
Enter functioning madness,
And you try to conceal
But the truth is revealed.

One day when it's all a blur
You will be brave and take the cure
And rearrange the furniture,
A famous domestic provocateur.

This is magic,
This is hard work,
This is magic
This is all luck.
(Whatever you make it.)
Track Name: We All Know Where We Come From
Well everybody, I'll say it plain
There's nothing special about my pain
We're all riding the same damn train
Try as we might we can abstain

Sometimes we like to believe in luck
We let it ride until we get stuck
Dollars and senses run amok
Spend the rest on the MegaBuck

We all know where we come from
We all know what it means

I've said my piece, I'll just leave it here
May it find a receptive ear
The obvious isn't always clear
Expectations interfere
Track Name: Hideout City
Find myself in Hideout City,
Somebody's driving this bucket of bolts.
The brakes are shot so we get in kinda early,
Smoking the map we were told to consult.

Past the restaurants and condos,
And the dilapidated mall,
Everyone in Hideout City
Gets their very own hole in the wall.

Looking for a cheap gas station
With 40 year old AstroTurf
Selling bootleg classic country,
This tape deck's gonna prove it's worth.

Between the inconclusive street signs
And the liquid traffic lights,
Everyone in Hideout City
Is gonna have to hang three rights.

And if you get lost,
Just look at your hand.
The lines on your palm
Tell you that was the plan.

Come upon someone with answers,
Rotating a telephone pole.
Got the world spinning on this axis,
Finally had to take control.

Cast into communal exile,
And almost there but not quite,
Everyone in Hideout City
Is gonna have to stay up all night.
Track Name: When Kingdoms Come
Don't understand me, it's a trap.
If this makes sense we can't go back.
So 52 people bought a seat,
That's quite a feat,
But not as much as close enough,

Don't give a bad idea a mask.
Just think it through, that's all I ask.
So the record got played at 3 a.m.
And then again when the feed went down,
It was all over town,

What makes you think kingdom's will come
In exchange for guitars and drums?

Don't listen to me, I not right.
Why light a joint with dynamite?
So the record went up and down a chart,
A work of art, to some degree,
For two or three.
Track Name: We're Going Home
We've come so far to get
Nowhere at all, and yet
It feels like we're going home.

We had a deal per se,
Got paid to go away.
Now we're just going home,
The dream was a short-term loan,
We didn't know
How much we'd owe.

We had it made until
Time stuck us with the bill.
Now we're just going home.

Warehouse a mile long
To store each unplayed song,
We pass as we're going home,
The dream was a short-term loan,
We didn't know
How long we'd owe.
Track Name: On This Planet
The missing pieces of my mind
Collected and combined
Approximate someone I barely know
I'm not sure though.
Place your fool's bet
On this planet
At your own risk
Don't you know this?
Here comes your bit part
Don't miss your cue.

All the things I might've been
Deprived of oxygen
Are fossilized, unearthed and second guessed
All for the best.
What I am now or become
A reduced and rounded sum
Is multiplied by zero leaving none
A new square one.
Place your fool's bet
On this planet
No one's won yet
In retrospect
Maybe we can laugh because it's true.
It's true.

There was something in your gaze
That stayed with me for days
Suggesting the first home I'd ever known
A rent-to-own.
The missing pieces of my mind
A real flea market find
Are bought for cheap and kept in a junk drawer
Can't ask for more.
Place your fool's bet
On this planet
At your own risk
Don't you know this?
Now it seems it's down to me and you.
Track Name: Zero Time (Divine Naivety)
Inside the stores
That have two doors
But keep one locked all day,
There's no defense
For common sense,
So the visionaries say.
Divine naivety.

We built a fort,
A last resort,
But couldn't keep the siege at bay.
And so we fell
Under the spell
That it has always been this way.
Divine naivety.

There's zero time to waste
And even less to lose.
What we forget today
Will be tomorrow's news.
These are the clues.

I'd like to think,
led to the brink,
We know enough to step away.
But here we are,
Three steps to far,
Taking a fourth later today.
Divine Naivety.
Track Name: Midnight Clinic
Each time I come here
I make my entrance on wheels.
Scan my kaleidoscope,
Let's see what it reveals.
We are bathed in warm fluorescence,
Contemplating convalescence,
It'll be okay, in essence.

It's gonna be okay.

The sun is making tea
When I'm finally released.
Consider side effects,
from most likely to least.
We are bound by waves and wire,
Check your pocket pacifier,
It'll make you out a liar.

The words, the songs,
The band, the name,
I never knew what we became.