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Please Keep Smiling

by Milk Carton Superstars

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Shut Up, I Love You (free) 02:48
You get on my nerves, you step on my toes, you're pissing me off like nobody knows. I ask you a question, it's just yes or know, but your dissertation has me ready to blow. But you've got a way, makes me feel good, you're always so brave when you wear your red hood. And I have to laugh when you screw up a joke, it's because of the fire I put up with the smoke. Your mood always varies, no reason or rhyme, you're telling that story for the 10,000th time. I ask you to speak up, you lower your voice, you can never decide whenever you have a choice. But you've got a way, makes me feel right, you're always so calm when everybody's uptight. And I know you don't care if I'm loaded or broke, it's because of the fire I put up with the smoke. You're bitching and moaning from the moment you wake, analyzing my every mistake. I answered your question but you've got 19 more, you're buying the groceries from the convenience store. But you've got a way, makes me feel cool, you're always so fun when everybody's a tool. And I love your impression of Wild Thing by Tone Loc, it's because of the fire I put up with the smoke.
Bucket Man (free) 03:38
Bucket Man walks with a limp into the library, away from pigeons and the double-knit humidity. It's hot out there. He doesn't need a chair, cuz Bucket Man sits on his bucket at the internet PC, checks his email and the poker site that lets him play for free. And he always wins, yes he always wins, yeah. Bucket Man waits at the bus stop with the bucket in his hand, making small talk with some tourists who don't understand. Who is this guy? What's he gonna try? He doesn't seem to be a danger to himself or anyone. You could call him Sherwin Williams' unofficial favorite son. He's not from here, than much is clear, yeah. No one knows what's in the bucket, it's a mystery. It holds five gallons, but of what? Who knows what it could be. He keeps it hid, never lifts the lid. Some say water needed man and so created us to serve. Which one's doing the conserving, and which one must be conserved? Bucket Man, he's got a plan, yeah.
Big Sur (free) 04:12
Who built the old coast road, rising like a crooked leg from the foot of the Bixby? How many souls do these hills know? Think back to Kerouac and his holy lonely lantern on his way to Ferlinghetti's, last night or a thousand years ago. These cliffs and this ocean, they've seen all your cameras and your paintbrushes trying, they aren't ever going to stop to pose. These rocks have been surfing since long before their wet-feathered tenants could afford them, back when the wind was into writing prose. Let's catch the sun out on Rocky Point, Saint Francis of Assisi chose us to anoint, up in the woods above Deetjen's inn, to help us find our way back to Route 1 again. And the moon wakes up and climbs the Santa Lucia Range after sleeping in the valley, waves whisper in my ear, going up to the city, it's a three-hour drive on the edge of the world, from the place that never leaves my rearview mirror.
Yardbird (free) 02:46
I used to be British, way back in high school, said I came from London, sometimes Liverpool. I used to be a Yardbird, and an Animal too, I might've made it all up but at the time it was true. I used to be famous, when I was in my room, said my voice would quiver, and my box would boom. I used to be a Kingsnake and a Mannish Boy, there was nothing I built that I couldn't destroy. Now all you women, can't you see what I am? You'll be sent from heaven and I'll be goddamned. Now all you people, don't you know what I mean? There was nobody looking when I was there to be seen.
Intimate Chemistry (free) 03:16
We would right so many wrongs, but all we ever do is write songs, that we play just once and save the tape, another addition to the catalog of the musical ape. We would make so many friends, but al we ever do is make amends, for all we've done and what we never will, another chapter in the book that winds up on the windowsill.
I don't want to talk about my problems, you'll be thinking about yours anyway. I'm just trying to be here now, but I find myself somewhere else later today. My friend tells me that he can't afford a therapist, so instead he watches Rocky I through IV, says if that doesn't motivate him then there ain't no use in trying anymore. All I want to be is easy company. Everybody has a page, a space, a profile, maybe even something to say. Now that the world is as flat as a laptop, do we really need Columbus Day? I know a guy who had a job that almost ate him, teeth marks all over his personnel file, it didn't matter how far he travelled, there was no end to the extra mile. All I want to be is easy company.
Ancient Hipster (free) 03:24
Big Money (free) 03:01
Big Money lives behind a big money gate, Big Money loves to legislate, if life is shit, Big Money is the bull, Big Money's gonna eat the Little Money cuz the Big Money's belly ain't never full. Big Money works in mysterious ways, Big Money gonna make sure everybody pays, you might have a vote, but Big Money has the pull, Big Money's gonna eat the Little Money cuz the Big Money's belly ain't never full. Little Money, slipping right through, Little Money, too good to be true, Little Money, you're a debit card star, Little Money, gonna put your change in your little piggy jar. Big Money plays with Big Money toys, Big Money's speech is filled with promise and poise, times might be tough but Big Money is comfortable, Big Money gonna eat the Little Money cuz the Big Money's belly ain't never full. Little Money, you're a nervous wreck. Little Money, living check to check, Little Money, it ain't meant to go far, Little Money, gonna put your change in your little piggy jar.
Soul Food (free) 01:37
You look good in Playtex, turn and smile at your request, rubber ball and finger tips, come hang out your politics. Across the desk you wish them best, turn to leave, steal their seats, feel the smile, fall with style, touch the girth, it stretches a mile. Now you know the truth is lies, behind the screen there's no surprise, dead men, why don't you open your eyes? Out of the grave and into the sky.
Dumb Saint (free) 01:56
There must be a place for all the old names of people who change their names to live on and hope to arrange a time to confer with the people they were. But I doubt it works out that way, for faith or fame they've had their say and are long since gone. I thought about calling an old friend who at first was a means to an end until when this friend became the name on whom I could really depend. And when I made the call it seemed that nothing had changed at all, and then I lost touch again. If I ever change my name I believe I'll keep my old name up my sleeve to deceive anyone who believes that they know who I was, just because. But I doubt it will come to that, I'll be who I was and I am where I'm at, or something like that.
The newspapers are in intensive care, dropping circulation has them gasping for air. And the television bullies radio, it ain't been a fair fight since Farnsworth made it glow. And the world is a mystery, I don't want to solve it, I don't want to start an argument and later resolve it, you can deputize God but I don't want to try it, Joe Strummer is my co-pilot. Our teachers tried to tell us but we had some beer to drink, that every lifetime contract gets signed with vanishing ink. We offered explanations but the words just came out wrong, so we searched for revelations in three-minute songs. And the world is a mystery, I don't want to solve it, I don't want to start an argument and later resolve it, you can deputize God but I don't want to try it, Joe Strummer is my co-pilot. (I hear what he's sayin'. Get that cheese grater goin, against the grain.) I ain't never been to Brixton but I think if I ever went, I'd find it redeveloped and them charging higher rent. And I ain't never been to Hammersmith but I think if I ever go, I'll run into a white man who don't know which is Joe. And the world is a mystery, I don't want to solve it. I don't want to start an argument and later resolve it, you can deputize God but I don't want to try it, Joe Strummer is my co-pilot.
Before the words could leave his mouth, she traveled north up to the south. The Tabernacle was aglow, stayed with a friend after the show. She drove on up through Tennessee, somewhere lost his mix CD. Nashville failed to keep its word, a second chance became a third. The dogs and crickets made no sound the night that she got back in town. Before the thoughts could leave his head, she gently slipped back into bed.
Into a Life (free) 03:01
A woman and a man walk into a life, they are talking to each other. Conversation cool and light, soon the spark will be discovered. And before long, their real selves are on display, they have been here before but not in the same way, and time takes a little walk to entertain itself. A woman and a man walk into a life, they are living with each other. She's got some plans she wants to try, he's got some feelings he's uncovered. And eventually their families overlap, they have been here before but now they have a map, and time takes its own sweet self on holiday.
Wild Charlie (free) 04:55
Seeping through window cracks, right into bed, she's always foxing me, I made a bet, the only trouble was she was dead, not that I had a mind, mind you. Wild Charlie, yeah yeah yeah. I lifted my seat for town, jammed it in my pocket, horseshoe moonshine, cutthroat mind tunnel, then we were there, the air lit up, don't know how many ladies screamed, but three fainted. Wild Charlie, yeah yeah yeah. Jesus may love you, but I don't. It's all a joke anyway, a forest of nails, Saturday came at last, guess I'll see you there, climb into your electric chair, sorry you lost your hair. Wild Charlie, yeah yeah yeah.


The first album by Milk Carton Superstars, Please Keep Smiling was recorded between September 2008 and March 2009. Guy - guitars, bass, other, vocals. Jim - Vocals, drums, other also, keyboard. Recorded, mixed, and co-produced (with MCS) by Ken "Teeter" White. Chorus on Wild Charlie by The Three. All songs written by Milk Carton Superstars, Larmay Myers Music, 2011 (ASCAP).


released May 30, 2009


See the video for Yardbird here: www.youtube.com/watch?v=LTUMsOXsLP8

See the video for Bucket Man here: www.youtube.com/watch?v=L2G_gp07-Ug

See the video for Big Money here: www.youtube.com/watch?v=L2G_gp07-Ug



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Milk Carton Superstars Orlando, Florida

Milk Carton Superstars are the songwriting team of Guy Larmay (guitar, bass) and Jim Myers (vocals, drums) doing a fair approximation of a rock & roll band. People generally like them. They’ve written, recorded and released 93 songs since 2009. Most are made of guitars, drums and some reasonable words. MCS are often joined on stage by bassist Jeff Boyce and violinist Jennie Landau. ... more

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